ESCM stands for “English-Speaking Chinese Ministerial” Fellowship. We also hope ESCM stands for E=Encouraging, S=Supportive, C=Caring, M=Mutual Ministerial Fellowship! Oh, yeah, with Development, Growth, and Fun at the core of the monthly ESCM Gatherings too! We are part of the Toronto Chinese Evangelical Ministerial Fellowship. We gather to worship, pray, and commit our lives & ministries to God.

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2017 ESCM @ a glance:

Jan 4th – Concert of Prayer
Feb 1st – Chinese New Year : Chinese Culture and Christianity
Mar 1st – ASH Wednesday
April 5th – Messiah in the Passover
May 3rd – Reflection: Ascension & Commission
June 7th – Pentecost
July 5th – Hiking (Rouge River)
Aug 2nd – BBQ
Sept 6th – Celebrating the Commonality amongst Judaism, Islam and Christianity
Oct 4th – Thanksgiving pot-luck
Nov 1st – Advent
Dec 6th – Christmas Celebration