ESCM Oct 2 – TCEMF-ESCM Thanksgiving Meet & Greet!

Join us for the 2019 TCEMF-ESCM Thanksgiving Meet & Greet!

Wed. Oct. 2, from 10 am to 12 noon at Scarborough Chinese Baptist (3223 Kennedy Rd, Scarborough map ) in the downstairs gym.

This informal gathering will be a chance to network and meet people from churches & organizations throughout the GTA.  There will be singing, food (snacks) and sharing of thanksgiving items to encourage each other in the ministry.  No heavy teaching, and no preparations necessary, but if you’d like to bring some snacks to share, that would be appreciated.  Main snacks provided by the TCEMF/ESCM and CCCOWE.  Come to be encouraged, come to give thanks, and come for the snacks! 

After, there will be a catered-in lunch available for $8/person,  we can continue to fellowship.

BOOK BUFFET TABLE – Feel free to bring some Christian books that you’ve read, liked and that you’d want to share with others; and feel free to pick whatever appeals to you on the table.


  1. Please complete this Survey for networking and support.
  2. ESCM Membership: If you would like to register for membership (3 consecutive meetings of attendance is required) please email us and we will send you the necessary form. Please also notify Dr. Randall Mah <> so he can be your reference. It’ll take about a month or two.
  3. TCEMF Directories: Directories will now be updated every month instead of every year. If any changes for your church/organization or yourself, please contact Kelvin Fung @
  4. Good Work Conference 2019 (Nov. 23 ) POSTER, REGISTER ONLINE AT:

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